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IHPU offers courses for independent study online that meet the requirements of NASM, NSCA, and ACE. We also offer an optional membership that includes member only benefits. Here is how IHPU works.

IHPU Membership

We offer an optional membership which we highly recommend. The membership will allow you to access member only content, as well as get huge discounts on all IHPU related products.

Memberships are as low as $100/year for students with proof of enrollment and a .edu email address, such as You can see more information on ourMembership page. Below are some of the great features of our membership:
  • One year full membership
  • Free evaluation test
  • Free ACE Certifications, three certifications in all
  • 10% Off All Certifications
  • 10% Off IHPFit Books and DVD’s
  • Member only content including Articles, Videos, and Newsletters with new monthly content
  • Q&A with IHPU staff

Flexible Schedule, Independent Study

  • You can start and finish a course at any time of the year. There are no classes, so you can study when and where you choose and it’s all online. The exception would be some of the live courses that are scheduled throughout the year, which will be listed on theEvent Schedule page.
  • You can work at your own pace as long as you finish the course within the time frame allotted. The Jr. Instructor course is 4 weeks, the Instructor course is 8 weeks, and all courses above that are 12 weeks. You can see the full curriculum by going to theCurriculum Overview or by going to theCourse Descriptions page.
  • Qualified IHPU staff are available to help by email.

What You Get

  • If you’ve paid for the optional membership, you’ll have access to all the member only materials as well as access to any certifications you’ve paid for.
  • If you’ve registered and have decided not to go with the membership, you’ll have access to only the certifications you’ve paid for.
  • After youRegister and pay for your first certification, you simply login using the “LOGIN” button located at the top of Upon logging in, go to the “Certifications” tab and you’ll have access to the certification you paid for, which will include all the course materials such as the workbook (which is a step-by-step study guide), videos associated with the course, the test once you’re ready, and finally the downloadable certificate when you pass.
  • When you’re logged in, you can view your test results, access the course materials at any time, and enroll in additional certifications when you’re ready.

Course Work

  • Each course is divided into videos which are each approximately 1 hour long.
  • Each course has a workbook which coincides with the videos. Download the workbook so you can fill it out as you watch each video.
  • You can watch the videos as many times as you want until you are 100% satisfied that you know the material.

Completing a Course

  • If you work regularly every other day, you will probably complete a course in 3-5 weeks. There is a timer on each given certification so you know how much time is left in the course. You must take the test within the time remaining.
  • When you are ready to take the test, you may do so online in the test section that’s within each given certification.
  • The tests are taken online and require a 70% or better to pass. If you fail the test, you can take the test again for a small fee based on the cost of the certification, typically $50-$100/retake.
  • Once you have passed the test, you can access your certificate and print it. The certification is valid for 2 years.
  • When the time for the course has expired, you will no longer have access to the course materials, but will continue to have access to print your certificate.

Course Curriculum

  • The IHPUCurriculum is designed as a progressive system, so courses must be taken in order
  • Information is intended to build upon previous knowledge, as well as prepare you for participation at the next level.
  • The exception is the specialty courses, such as MMA or Circuit Training courses, which can be taken at anytime.
  • You can see theCourse Descriptions and Frequently Asked Questions listed on the IHPU website.
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