IHP Functional Training Certification

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If you are interested in attending a IHP Functional Training Certification on September 3rd-4th please email teamrsvp@icloud.com for more details.

JC Santana brings his Certifications back to IHP!

Be one of the first to be recognized as an official “Functional Training Specialist” in your part of town. This certification is one of a kind and was developed by world-renowned Juan Carlos “JC” Santana. The IHP Personal Trainer Functional Training Certification is an 16-hour, 2-day course. This certification is recommended for students who are interested in learning REAL functional Training from the best!

The Functional Training Specialist Course comes directly from our Functional Training: Breaking the Bonds of Traditionalism book and DVD. This course covers major concepts of functional training, such as the history, the functional training environment, evaluation techniques, driving functional movement, functional modalities, and basic program design. Upon successful completion of this course the student is awarded the IHP Functional Training Personal Trainer DIPLOMA.

Price: $600.00

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