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If I have an IHP CPT certification older than Dec of 2013 with IHP – do I need to start over again or can I go on to the next certification?

Simple Answer – YOU HAVE TO START OVER AGAIN. The entire curriculum has changed. What was in the PT is now spread through the JR and INST, plus new material has been added. The Exercise Specialist and PT are all new material. We honor the old certs and people can renew them with CEUs (which will start to be a requirement soon) – but they can’t advanced to the next certification on the curriculum flow chart. With all of the new information in the Exercise Specialist or the FTPT certs, student would NOT pass the exams – too much new information. This is why we have provided the special package that includes the JR, the INSTRUCTOR and a YEAR OF MEMBERSHIP!! It’s a great review to make sure you really know your stuff.

Is the Exercise Specialist a separate certification or just awarded to those that complete ALL certs from the Jr. Instructor to the Personal Trainer?

NO – IT IS NOT A SEPARATE CERTIFICATION. It is an ADDITIONAL diploma given once the Personal Trainer certification is completed. The FT Specialist DIPLOMA certifies that the student has completed the entire lower tier of the IHPU curriculum.

Is the Master Trainer a separate certification or just awarded to those that complete ALL certs within the IHP Curriculum?

NO – IT IS NOT A SEPARATE CERTIFICATION. The MASTER TRAINER is an ADDITIONAL diploma given once the Performance Coach and ALL other certifications within the IHPU curriculum areas are completed. The MASTER TRAINER DIPLOMA certifies that the student has completed the entire IHPU curriculum.

How does your examination compare to the C.S.C.S. examination?

The CSCS is a great certification that we recommend as a base certification. However, certifications such as the CSCSs and the CPTs review the academic topics normally covered in school. In simple terms, they are great at educating you but do not do a very good job at providing you the “Practical and Applied” information one needs to do personal training and create personal training programs. I hire CSCS, CPTS, and 4-year degree students at IHP year after year – I have yet to find one that knows how to train when they came into IHP. The IHPU certifications teach you how to train without the academic dogma that seems to get in the way of learning the craft of personal training.

Is it in the same format? What percentage is necessary to pass the exam and be certified through I.H.P.U.?

No – its in a different format. The lectures are on line, you can see them again and again. You follow along with a workbook that takes the guess work out of what is IMPORTANT and what will be on the exam. If you know the workbook – you know the material. If you know the material, you will be able to apply it. You need a 70% to pass, which is just like many of the CPT certifications. The exams are multiple choice questions, some have videos for the practical exam, some don’t.

Can a certified I.H.P.U. person get the same type of jobs a C.S.C.S. person can get?

Unlike some of the false expectations some organization put out, IHPU makes no promises, other than you will be able to train anyone when you complete our program – ANYONE!! Thousands of 4-year degree students can’t survive in the fitness industry as personal trainers and end up in other industries. No matter what certification or qualifications you have – YOU WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED A JOB – MUCH LESS KEEPING IT. One thing alone makes you valuable to a company and provides stability and longevity, and its not the paper you have on your wall – it’s your PRODUCTION. If you don’t produce you are dead in any job, this is specially true in personal training where if you don’t hunt – you die. It’s that simple. We promise our program will make you a great trainer – what you do with that knowledge and ability is up to you.

What are the qualifications one must have to take the I.H.P.U. certs?

You must start at the Junior Instructor Certification and work your way up. You must pass all certifications before you can take the next one in the sequense. You also need, DESIRE, THE ABILITY TO WORK HARD, AND PASSION. You must be a FAN OF MAN, and a STUDENT OF THE GAME – THE PERSONAL TRAINING GAME.

Is there a time level or limit to the amount of time I take to fully complete the program to become a master level trainer?

On average the program takes three years from start to finish, and we strongly suggest following a similar timeline in order to reap the greatest benefit. Take too long between courses and you run the risk of losing momentum or knowledge. Conversely, running through the steps too quickly does not allow for an optimum interval and practical application in which to review and perfect new skills and comprehension. Specifically, we suggest allowing for six months of fieldwork to rehearse and refine practical applications between Level II and III; and six to 12 months to do the same between Level III and IV.

How long will my master or specialist level diploma be valid?

Your diploma and certification will remain active for two years. After two years you will be required to demonstrate continued proficiency by renewing your status as an IHP FT Specialist or Master Trainer with continued education and/or a written exam. This process must be repeated every two years to ensure your credentials keep pace with new research, practices and developments within IHP’s continually evolving cannon of knowledge.

Can I skip a level or take a course that is higher in succession?

The IHP FT Master Trainer Program is designed as a progressive system – information is intended to build upon previous knowledge, as well as to prepare you for participation at the next level. This especially applies to the sections covering modality and working as a personal trainer. For this reason, we require that you take each level in order, with the exception of the specialty courses.

What if I want to take more than one specialty certification for Level IV?

While only one specialty certification is required for completion, we strongly encourage participation in additional specialty certifications as interest, resources and time allow. We have found through our years’ of industry experience, with a broader arsenal of tools a trainer can develop a more flexible and innovative individual approach and practice. Generally this is also a key and necessary ingredient for building a highly successful business and professional reputation.

Why must I go to Boca Raton, Fl., before becoming a Master Trainer? Are there any exceptions to this rule?

IHP FT Master Trainer diploma is more than a title. It reflects advancement to a high level of achievement and knowledge. A professional has the mastery necessary to make his/her own contributions and innovations to the science of functional training, as well as the ability to train on a higher spectrum – including rehabilitative therapy that employs advanced understanding of body structure, the mechanics of movement and physical laws. JC insists on personally overseeing an accurate and impartial assessment that each individual has reached this level before granting the title of Master Trainer. In some instances, this assessment may take place within various locations around the globe at predetermined times, but generally it only takes place at IHP global headquarters in the United States.

Are there any eligibility requirements for enrollment?

All of our functional training courses are advanced, immersive and fast-faced. As a result, we recommend you first obtain a personal training or athletic coaching certification from a major organizations, such as the NSCA, ACSM, NASM. We also suggest participants have one to four years’ experience in the fitness field as a personal trainer or athletic coach.

Why should I choose the IHP FT Master Trainer Program over another program or certification?

Having been involved in the best certification processes in the fitness industry, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current certifications offered to fitness professionals. Some certifications put such a heavy emphasis on traditional academic knowledge and scientific data that they lag on the practical aspect of performance enhancement and personal training methods. Sometimes being “science-based” means you are behind the times by 10-15 years. Other certifications are designed by therapists who are trying to turn everyone else into therapists. As anyone that has gone through physical therapy can attest to, therapy and personal training are nothing alike – so why should the education be? Finally, other certifications are designed by people who have never owned a gym, never educated professionals, never put together an academic curriculum, have never coached or trained anyone, and in some cases have never exercised a day in their lives. If you have not lived it, and you have not taught it, you can’t possibly put together a worthwhile curriculum. JC Santana has had a 34 year competitive athletic career, he has operated the top gym in the world known for functional training for over a decade, he has been involved with the certification process for the NSCA for over 17 years, and has been a college professor at some of the top universities in the world since 1995, and his books and DVDs have been used as course materials for universities around the world. This is experience you can count on. Trust IHP as an organization that speaks specifically to your needs, your wants, your fears, your strengths, your challenges, your triumphs, and your world.

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