The IHP Affiliate is for the business (usually a fitness related facility) that believes in and wants to adhere to the philosophy, principles, and systems set forth by IHPU. When a business becomes an IHP Affiliate they are in essence becoming a partner of IHP. Yes – A PROFIT SHARING PARTNER!!! IHP Affiliates pay an annual affiliate fee and can display the “POWERED BY IHP UNIVERSITY” insignia at their location.

IHP Affiliates get continuous support, from the training of new staff to providing continuing education units, via a their membership to the IHPU web site. The IHP Affiliate also has the ability to generate revenue via commissions associated with many IHP University activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, enrolling students in the IHP curriculum, proctoring IHP certification exams, and holding ‘IHP Sanctioned’ events. IHP Affiliates also get HUGE DISCOUNTS on ALL IHP EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. Therefore, the IHP Affiliate program not only educates and supports its members, but quickly becomes a profit center with an enormous amount of prestige attached to it. In essence, with the right involvement an IHP AFFILIATE can become an extension of IHP.

Requirements of an IHP Affiliation

To become an IHP Affiliate one must fill out a one-time application form; write an essay as to why they would make a excellent IHP affiliate; be accepted into the affiliate program; and pay the annual affiliate fee. IHP Affiliates must be primary operators of a facility (with a quiet and professional exam taking area) and must be IHP certified (obligatory PT cert). If qualifying as an IHP Affiliate BEFORE receiving the IHP FT Personal Trainer Certification, the affiliate must be enroll in the IHP Personal Trainer Program and complete the program within a maximum 3-6 month ‘training’ period. We offer IHP PT certifications several times a year throughout the world and at IHP Boca. We also offer IHP Affiliates a ‘fast track’ to the IHP Personal Trainer certification. During the 3-6 month ‘training’ period while you’re dedicating yourself to the completion of the IHP Personal Trainer Program, the status of the IHP Affiliate is listed as an “Affiliate in Training (Certification Pending)” in the IHPU Affiliate Directory. During this training period the “Affiliate In Training” gets all of the discounts and privileges of an IHP Affiliate – they just don’t get the recognition and can’t participate in any live events. After ALL requirements of affiliations are satisfied all IHP Affiliates can begin planning IHP events at their facility and begin working towards more advanced certifications.

$1000 per year
Affiliate Features
  • One Year Full Membership
  • Free Listing in Affiliate Directory
  • 20% Off Certifications
  • 20% Off IHPFit DVD's and Books
  • 20% Off IHPFit Mentorships and Seminars
  • Get 10% Commission on Membership Sign-ups and Certifications
  • Free ACE Certifications
  • Articles, Videos, and Newsletters

  • Special Affiliate Discounts
  • Access to Member Only Content
  • Free Technical Support
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