Frequently asked questions by affiliate members

Are existing affiliates subject to yearly fee increase?

Affiliate fees are grandfathered in to the amount that was originally paid. This means your renewal fee will always be the same as the fee you paid initially, no matter how the fees change in the future. Effective June 1, 2015, the IHPU Affiliate fee will go up to $2000.

Are the affiliate territories protected, or can there be others in surrounding areas?

As for affiliates – it’s like other popular affiliate programs. Anyone can open one up anywhere. The purpose of the affiliate is to provide HUGE special discounts on educational materials and events, free special live-stream events from IHP (private seminars), special packages available to only affiliates for free, the ability to eventually teach our courses, and to profit-share with us in any events you organize. These benefits are not ‘location sensitive’ perks – two affiliates can be next door to each other and actually benefit from the relationship (plan bigger events and refer to each other).

Do I need a website to be an IHP Affiliate?

The short answer is NO- you have a single page profile that comes with your affiliation! However, once you become an IHP Affiliate, you will want to have a live website before we will be able to link you off your profile page. Our web sites are IHP’s primary vehicles for promoting you; therefore, maintaining a great web site is in your best interest. Please DO NOT register a domain with the IHP letters in it until AFTER you have been accepted; IHP and IHP U are licensed trademarks and their use without our prior permission is illegal.

If I don’t have a web site – what the easiest way to start one?

ALL AFFILIATES GET A SINGLE PROFILE PAGE WITHIN THE IHPU WEB SITE. From there you can link you own web site. You can use something like WordPress. We are very happy using WordPress, but there are other options you can choose from, like Squarespace or Moveable Type.

What are the requirements for an affiliate website?

You must display the “Powered by IHP University” insignia prominently on your home page, unaltered. NO SITES WITH INAPPROPRIATE OR UNPROFESSIONAL CONTENT. NO SITES WITH COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING FREE STUFF IN EXCHANGE FOR EMAILS!!

If I purchased a URL with the letters IHP does this mean I own that name?

You may own the domain, but the use of “IHP” and IHP University in your domain is unlicensed and illegal, and we can legally force you to give it up. IHP Inc acknowledges the URL of the name that you have licensed from us. If you own a URL containing IHP or IHP U or IHP UNIVERSITY for which you have not been granted a license, it is useless to you. We seriously frown on folks “land grabbing” more names than the one associated with their specific affiliate and doing so may affect your acceptance into our program.

What does IHP recommend for site format?

We recommend frequently (e.g., daily) updated content in a blog format that features training programs, client case studies, testimonials, research, etc. Document your affiliate’s success and milestones with photos and videos and plaster the web with them. Make stars of your best trainers and clients. Develop you arsenal of evidence from day one! Remember – people in your local community will be searching for you – let them

Can you give me an example of a simple web site?


Do I need to own a gym or a studio to be an IHP Affiliate?

IHP Affiliates need to have some kind of a professional location. Since the will be proctoring exams, student need access to a computer and privacy. Taking an exam in someone’s living room, kitchen, or home office is not a professional process and therefore not allowed by IHP. The size of our IHP Affiliate varies. Some IHP Affiliates are as smaller as 900 sq ft, other are as big as 30,000 sq ft. We have businesses that have a team of trainers that travel to the client’s home. As long as you have an avenue by which to utilize the IHP training systems to a client base you can become an IHP affiliate. I comes down to how big an affiliate want to go. Many have been very successful starting small (e.g. 900 sq ft), establishing a clientele and cash flow, and then growing into larger spaces 15,000+sq ft).

What is the recommended equipment for starting out at IHP affiliate?

In 900 sq ft you can do very well with about $10,000 worth of equipment, although you can start with much less ($2,000). Medicine balls, bands, stability balls, dumbbells, barbells, free weight, and a rack, can get you started. You can grow from there.

If I become an affiliate, does this mean I can certify trainers to be IHP certified?

Not until you reach “Professor” status with IHP. Only approved “IHP Professors” can teach IHP certifications. The only way to obtain an IHP Certification is to go to a live event and take a course with an IHP Professor, or take the allowed course on-line

Can there be more than one affiliate in one town, city, state, neighborhood?

Yes. We do not limit the number of affiliates in any given area. Almost any town or city has enough people to support numerous prosperous IHP affiliates. We believe personal training is a people business that is relationship based. Higher education brings higher quality, and that brings higher fees earned by IHP Affiliates. We have seen IHP Affiliates cross-refer clients and actually come together to better manage resources and expertise.

How do I market my business?

Without a doubt the personal training business is 80% internal referral. You change one person’s life – that person can talk to 20 people and refer 5. You can’t fake caring and excellence. If you truly care and make the time and effort to provide excellent service, your clients will talk about their experience with you AS IT WAS A GREAT MOVIE!! Speaking engagements at schools, local businesses, and various social groups is a great way to market yourself. BUT – EDUCATE – DON’T SELL!!!! If you can write for magazines, newspapers, or any other written media – do it – do it for free. It could make you the next local expert on a fitness-related topic.

What material from the IHP web site can I use on promotional items like t-shirts, my store front, my website, etc.? How can I use the name?

You can link to anything on the main IHP site, but you CANNOT download ANY of our material and host it on your own site (e.g., videos, the free Journal issues).
You can use any material freely available on the site with proper attribution. You may not distribute any content from the IHP Newsletter that is not already publicly available from the IHP web sites.
At this point, you cannot sell our t-shirts, but you are encouraged to create your own t-shirts featuring your affiliate name and creative slogans. Logos and/or slogans associated with IHP or IHPU may not be used without prior permission from IHP Boca Raton HQ.
As an IHP Affiliate, you can and should say that you are ‘Powered by IHP University”, use the IHP systems and methods, and that you’re part of the extended IHP family, but you may not represent yourself directly or indirectly as a representative of IHP, IHPFIT, IHP University, its associates, or IHP Inc.

If I hold IHP certifications, but I choose not to affiliate how can I use the IHP name legally?

You can say you are IHP certified and list you certifications on a business card, resume, or website bio page – nothing more.

You cannot use the IHP letters, name, slogans, art work, photos, or content from the IHP web sites in any other business or promotional manner unless you obtain an IHP affiliate.

Only IHP Affiliation gives you the legal right to use the IHP name and likeness for business and/or marketing purposes.

Where is it best to display my “POWERED BY IHP UNIVERSITY” INSIGNIA?

Front door, behind the front desk or the wall facing the door, so it is the first thing people see.

Can I deviate from the IHP programming and still be an IHP Affiliate?

If you have good reason and you know what you are doing –then yes. However, if you become an IHP Affiliate it is because you love the IHP training philosophy, its systems, and its methods. We like to think we have a great hybrid philosophy that allows ALL training methods to be blended into effective programs. As long as you work the IHP system you can come up with an infinite number of different programs.

Does an affiliate regulate what I can charge for my services?

NO! IHP provides education and part of that includes modules on various aspects of the personal training business including customer service, retention, marketing, sales, and profit centers. However, an affiliate can chose to follow or not follow the suggestions and recommendations made. All affiliates are free to charge what their market will bear.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, all personal trainers and training facilities need insurance to operate under the proper protected condition. In order to complete your application for affiliation you must fax us proof of insurance. You will need liability insurance, and as an IHP Affiliate you will need to name IHP, Inc., as an additional insured.

If I’m operating a non-profit organization do I still have to affiliate?

Yes. By affiliating you are licensed to use the ‘IHP and Powered by IHP University’ Insignia, regardless of your income status. Affiliating allows you to legally use the name whether your business makes money or not.

Should I send in videos or pics to IHP HQ if I want to be featured in their newsletter or on the blog? Do you edit them or should I.

YES!! If you feel you have a great story by all means send it in accompanied by high quality video or pics. Videos should be finished and edited and pics should be in high resolution and of high quality. However, if you need help editing or have questions please contact our media specialist at

  • Picture specs – over 500 kb in *.jpg, *.tiff, *.pdf format are best.
  • Video specs – preferably 640×480 and up. Preferred raw video format, *.MOV or *.AVI Preferred edited format, *.WMV, and *.MOV
  • Keep the videos at about 3-5 minutes.
  • Send videos through a large file transfer service like or mail in a CD or DVD.


  • Shoot videos or pics outside with the light source (i.e. Sun) BEHIND YOU – never shoot into the sun.
  • The same lighting principles applies to indoors; shoot with good lighting behind you and reflecting on to the subject.
  • If you have more than 10min of video, send it via snail mail on a data DVD (or CD), or a MiniDV cassette to:

What kind of stories or topics are you looking for from your IHP Affiliates?

We want to features your success using all aspects of the IHP Affiliate. For example:

  • How IHP’s simple approach to programming has allowed you finally use periodization to progress a client to success.
  • How one of IHP’s specific protocols (give name of protocol) provided exceptional results in a given situation (e.g. how the Triple-threat repaired a pulled hamstrings, or how our low volume program improved a client’s iron-man time).

How can my affiliate qualify to host an IHP certification?

Contact IHP Boca HQ (call 561-620-9556) or email and let us know what you would like to do, how you plan on marketing it, and what you expect to get out if the experience. We need a minimum of 10 people to hold an IHP certification.

Is an affiliate the same thing as a franchise?

No. IHP Affiliates are united by a common philosophy and training system – in essence we are an alliance bonded together by a common philosophy. Imagine a team playing in a sports league. You are bonded by the sport and its basic rules. In our case the sport is fitness and the rules are those of exercise/nutrition science and physiology. Within that league and basics rules each team can choose the uniform colors and style they want, play the players they want, use their players as they see fit, and use any strategy they feel is best. That’s a simple way to look at an affiliate.

What is your business model?

There is no set business model for an IHP Affiliate to have, many different types of models work; from big gyms to small studios. Our suggestions for personal trainers wanting to open a small studio are as follows:

  • Think about it very well this is not for everyone. Being self-employed and an entrepreneur is not easy life. You WILL have constant pressure to meet FIXED operating expenses regardless of whether you are there or not, out sick, on vacation, traveling to continuing education events, or even if your location is rendered useless by an act of god (e.g. weather). Usually the first 2-3 weeks of every month go to exercises leaving you to net the second portion of the month. It is s wonderful thing to see a dream come true and govern your own destiny – but there is a big price to pay.
  • Start as small as you can (900-1500sq ft). Industrial R&D-type parks and warehouses are great to start, especially for private one-on-one training. Most of your business will come through referrals – NOT DRIVE BY. So DON’T SPEND THE MONEY ON RETAIL SPACE AND EXPENSIVE BUSINESS CARDS. In personal training YOU ARE THE DESTINATION!! IHP is on a highly traveled, 4 lane road and we virtually have ZERO walk-ins that just stopped to see what we were all about – most of the walk-ins at IHP walked in hearing about us first.
  • IHP produced a DVD in conjunction with FreeMotion that shows you exactly how big of a space you need to start (1500 sq ft), what equipment to consider, who to hire, what services to provide, and how much to charge in order to make $400,000+/yr. You can find that DVD at IHP’s 1500 sq ft Profit Monster
  • Insist on a high level of education and commitment from your staff/associates. If they don’t INVEST IN THEIR EDUCATION they will be worth nothing.
  • Follow proper progression with ALL clients. Hard training is not appropriate for everyone, especially for beginners. Advanced training, like Olympic Weightlifting is NOT APPROPRIATE for many, even elite athletes. Some bodies are just not made for some exercises – you have to learn which bodies can do what exercises. DON’T DRINK ANYONE’S KOOLAID ON THIS ISSUE. THINK!!
  • Re-evaluate your programs every 2-3 months. Even is nothing has happened – re-evaluate WHY nothing has happened and what needs to change (if anything). Regular evaluations keeps every accountable – clients and trainer.

Can I open an IHP affiliate outside the United States?

Yes. We have IHP affiliates all over the world.

If I am an IHP Affiliate can I hire trainers that are NOT IHP Certified?

Beginning trainers can work as an “Adjunct Trainer” under the mentoring of an IHP PT Certified trainer.
The adjunct trainer can take the web support Junior and Instructor certifications through IHP University. Once the web-based certs are taken, you can give an IHP Instructor a 6-month period to be IHP PT certified. After the IHP PT Cert, a trainer can embark on the Master Level track.
If the affiliate feels it is appropriate – pay can vary from cert to cert in order to motivate the trainer to be properly educated. For example:

  • Lets say you charge $75/hr of personal training and your “Master Trainers” get 53.3%, or $40.00. Master trainers have passed ALL IHP certs (about a 3-4 year process). These individuals are the only ones that can apply for a “Professor” status and actually teach live IHP certs.
  • You can start an Adjunct Trainer at $20-22.50/hr.
  • Once they pass the Instructor cert you can pay them $25.00-27.50/hr.
  • Once they pass the Personal Trainer cert you can pay them $30.00-35.00/hr.
  • Once they reach the Master level cert you can pay them $35.00-40.00/hr.
  • This ladder pay scale motivates the trainer to constantly reach a higher level of professionalism and income scale. Many additional benefits come with higher-level certs, from article writing, to presentations, to running certifications. All of these events bring additional income as well a prestige.

If we have multiple locations do we need multiple affiliates?

Yes. You need one IHP Affiliation per location.

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